A640 V2




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    Instinct Palace

    for some reason randomly my movments are all inverted

    up = left

    down = right

    left = down 

    right = up

    it was working perfectly, i unplugged the device to do some cable manegement and implement it into my set up and it happened the second it plugged in. Ive Tried unplugging and re plugging with all the ports, ive completely un installed and re installed the driver and reset all to defult. What do i do?

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    Nikita Abbasov

    I have the same problems, I like the tablet, but it's so annoying that I can't even use it because of it just changed the orientation of the tablet from width to height, but in the software you can not change it, so the update will solve the problem, I think, but when the update will be? :/

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    alex rodrigues

    My tablet just stopped working
    When i try to connect it in any device the light on the side just shines quickly and then nothing on the tablet works, the light don't even shines when i press the buttons
    sorry for any writing mistakes.

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