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    Kazoodle Kat

    this driver is starting to act buggy 
    not allowing me to draw light as the 
    sensitivity is all over the place. where 

    it's too strong so it registers one click
    as two clicks, or it doesn't notice a thing
    so i have to paper press the pen onto 
    the screen where it will then notice the 
    whole two-click issue and I have to press
    multiple times to just go back. 

    there are no older drivers to use as the 
    older ones held a better version of itself.

    sometimes new isn't always the best. 

    if there could be any way to get the old
    drivers to use as well as the new current 
    ones in case people have no issue.
    but from the ratio of people this helped,
    id say im not the only one who has a

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    Brandon Kleeman

    In response to Kazoodle Kat's comment, I have some older 2015 drivers here if anyone wants them. Both the digitizer and display link Drivers are included. Never had an issue with these ones in the past.

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    swati verma

    the mac drivers are not working Mac os Catalina. Please update

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    Parblo Support

    Hi, Swati

    Please follow this FAQ to do some special settings:
    If the problem still occurs, please feel free to send an email to The Parblo support team will follow up on your issue. A video showing your problem will be helpful for us to support you.
    Thank you.

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