A610 Driver




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    Alona Juska

    it says i cannot download the item!!


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    A Randon (Alanyah)

    its a dead end. I'm not able to download anything. Please fix this asap.

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    Nobody Important

    Its a file, not able to download anything

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    Epsilon Xenos

    I'm on Windows 10, The file is downloadable but the window for the driver is cutting off half the menu. The driver seems to have pen pressure compatibility issues with software like Adobe Photoshop and Krita where the pen pressure doesn't work. I've had to manually fix it in the settings of the software I use or mess with the buggy menu of the driver this tablet came with. To name a few programs, Krita and Adobe Photoshop seem to have pen pressure sensitivity turned off, I've been able to turn on pen pressure sensitivity with Krita but it only created more problems that are worse and I can't seem to figure out how to fix them. I also can't figure out how to turn on pen pressure sensitivity in Adobe Photoshop because all the guides and tutorials are for Wacom Tablets. I've been trying to fix the pen pressure issue for about 2 days and nothing I did seemed to work, it's also because the menu for the driver is too small and I can't enlarge it to see all the options in the driver settings. Please fix this and contact me as soon as possible. I would be very cooperative and happy to help you in fixing this problem that is a damaging experience for Windows 10 users. To give you an example of what I'm talking about with your Driver's menu I will upload an Image to show you what the issue looks like with your driver's menu. 

    I can't enlarge it in any way, half the menu is cut off and I can't figure out what the other half of it is. 

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    Parblo Support

    Dear Epsilon,

    Please kindly follow the below steps: 

    uninstall current driver- restart your computer- reinstall the driver from our official website: https://support.parblo.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000467273-Download-Drivers - restart your computer. 

    If the problem still occurs, please email your issue detail to cs@parblo.com and mention your computer OS, tablet model. Parblo support team will follow up on your issue.


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