A610 Pro Driver




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    Chris Quintanilla

    uhhhh why's this seem so f*ckin sketchy?

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    Ivan Fayvit

    I just received the graphics tablet.

    But when testing I felt a lot of drop clicks.

    I installed the website drive for a610pro, pentatablet I also installed it on two machines, one with win10 and the other with win8, both have drop click.

    This is really hurting my experience with the product

    I had the impression that the problem reduces or disappears when I'm using it without installing Drive. There may be some lag in the drive software. Could you take a look at that?

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    Тамила Розуменко

    I’ve got the same thing as Ivan Fayvit. It also seems like after installing the latest drivers from Release Date: 2019-11-06 it has become unstable, the tablet acts weird and click sensitivity has become not that accurate as it was. While drawing lines the start of the line and the end are round, but they have to be spiky as they used to be. Uninstalled the driver and installed using windows troubleshooter (it ran it as an administrator with win7 sp3 compatibility and something of resolution) and it seems like working, but I haven't checked it to the fullest yet. If there is any solution — feel free to share it.

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